Our Biggest Challenge: The Beautiful Pictures We Paint

We set goals, we   enjoy achievements, we (hopefully) congratulate ourselves on those achievements, we set new goals, we build our expectations of ourselves... And so it goes,   our climb up to “the top”.And amidst the chaos, the struggles, the rejections that we are sometimes forced to endure, sometimes...

We have to put on a happy face and make it look like we are ONLY succeeding, without any struggles!

Man, isn’t it crazy?! Here is my real story:

I’m in the music business. I am a working, happy - and yes, sometimes struggling - recording artist. I set goals   I achieve. SOMETIMES I am able to stop and congratulate myself on the goals I have achieved thus far. But let’s be real here. Most of the time, it is so much easier for me to just keep trudging through, past the   accomplishments, on to the next big goal, the next big thing. I am always on to the next big thing! So when will I be satisfied?

I often write out my goals:

“I am now a multi-platinum selling recording artist”

“I now won Grammy for Best New Artist”

“Every show I play is now completely sold out and packed”

These are my “ultimates,” my “I can now die happy” goals. These are the things that I KNOW will make my life complete...

Or do I? Do I actually know this?

I just finished a week of my “I Am Enough” Bully Prevention School Tour through Hey U.G.L.Y. (Unique.Gifted.Lovable.You.- www.heyugly.org). One year ago, this tour was being conceptualized and mapped out. One year later, I am singing at multiple schools to thousands of kids, empowering them and giving them tools to be part of the solution to bullying. When   I see it written out as it is here, , I say, “Wow! YES! I did it!!!” But on a daily basis, sometimes it’s easy to look past it and say, “Thousands of kids?! I want to help MILLIONS! And why do I have time to relax right now? I should be doing all these other things... and blah blah blah...”

Now I ask you: Which is the healthier, and ultimately more productive, way to go?

When I sat down to write this blog, I initially wanted to write about how it is such a challenge to have to put on this happy face all the time and pretend we are successful and   to maintainthis constant image of success - the “fake it ‘til you make it” approach to life. But this   blogis turning into something different, and I’m OK with that. Because along with that “fake it ‘til you make it” life strategy comes a question:

What is “Making It?”

You could say, “Well, Devyn, ‘making it’ means that you reach the goals that you listed above and can now ‘die happy’!”


OR, “making it” could mean   recognizing all the beautiful, amazing things you are doing right now on this journey that you’ve set out on!

So today, I encourage all of   you to stop for   one minute.   Sixty   seconds. Close your eyes, breathe, and recognize your accomplishments. Realize that maybe you aren’t “faking” anything.

Maybe you are simply “making it” right now.

With So Much Love,

Devyn Rush