Trust In Your Internal GPS

When I am working with clients, one of the biggest challenges I see is that they often do not trust themselves, other people or their Source (a higher power, God, higher self).   Before we can begin to trust others, we must first start with trusting ourselves.   This opens us up to receiving other people and having a strong understanding that the Universe will always provide.   So often we second-guess ourselves, put more trust in others because we think their viewpoint is more valuable than our own and lack trust in our ability to make the best choices.   To trust ourselves is to trust our intuition and ability to discern, knowing that this will often reveal the truth in every situation.   Intuition, instincts and discernment are qualities that function as our internal guidance system that will detect lies, truth, negativity and true intentions at all times.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy_Joe

Our inner wisdom will help us to know the proper actions to take in any situation.   We will never be left in the unknown as this is our light to guide us through the darkness.   This is something we all have within us, a great ability that can and should be used in every area of our lives.   Our inner guidance system serves to reduce stress, provide answers, promote spiritual growth, enhance our faith, create better relationships, bring more success in business and lead our families and loved ones in the best possible way.

First we must have self-awareness and learn how our bodies speak to us.   Intuition is the ability to understand, perceive and know truth without the use of logic or reason.   This is not to say that logic is unimportant, because a healthy logical and intuitive mind is necessary for balance.   Intuition is that inner knowing that is undeniable.   Notice the ways you intuitively pick up on things (energy) around you.   Do you feel your intuition through your heart, the abdomen (solar plexus chakra) as a deep gut feeling, or does it come to you in the form of a quiet voice speaking to you?

Image courtesy of Praveen Kumar

You can test your intuition when you are around people and notice how you receive information.   You do not need to try hard, just be aware of yourself and your surroundings.   Trust in your ability to make the decision that is best for you at that time in your life.   Trust that you are naturally equipped with everything you need to successfully navigate through life, accomplishing whatever it is you desire.   Know that the tools, wisdom and knowledge you need in life is readily available to you waiting to be utilized.