The World Doesn’t End Today….I hope

Yes, just like you, I've been hearing a LOT of stories about how today is the last day for all of us mere mortals...Or maybe December 12 2012- according to another Mayan prophecy..or maybe...who knows?

Personally, I would like it if the world didn't end today...and here are my reasons....

1. I still haven't read all the books I wanted to read or watched Jersey Shore.   I am not so sure I need to watch  Jersey shore before I go but I do want to know why Americans have made Jersey Shore their religion and books stores are dying. It's strange to me. I often think, I don't want to live in a world where there are no books. Books have been my savior, my air, my solitude. Without books, I feel like I would be missing something big...


I have put together a fundraiser for Japan’s Save the Children charity and would like to live to see a successful event . I would also like to see the money we have a raised reach the children of Japan. I have spent weeks toiling over the details. I have spent little time thinking of what was missing and more time on what I could give. Putting this event together with some of the most creative people I know has been incredible. I appreciate how much love my community has and how big the hearts are around me. The only thing that makes me happy is knowing that if we go on this day, we will be going doing a good cause.


I just released an album and it would be a shame to leave the world without seeing it reach the kinds of audiences I envision for the album. To go before I get to make a video and see all of the album come to life would be sad. The two years it took to create the album would be gone- in an instant! No? Man I hope the world doesn't end today. Go to for details if you're still alive.

4. I have not had any children yet..I often think of what a wonder it is that we can create such things of beauty. It amazes me that WE exist. Here we are, living, in this world, here I am typing, writing this note- and there you are sitting- reading what I have written. How did this all happen. How did we become what we are? Think about it. No, I mean really think about it. It's pretty amazing. So to experience the world anew, through the eyes of a that is something I surely would not want to miss in life, be it my own or adopted children. It would be all the same to me.

5. There is so little I have seen of the world. I would love to see flowers bloom in open untouched fields. I want to travel just to see landscapes- see the beauty of what this remarkable earth has to offer. There is still soooo much to do and I guess all of this world ending business is just a reminder. Don't wait. See it today. Do what you can today. LEARN HOW TO LIVE.