The Bonds of Sweat

Written by Guest Contributor, Lisa Johnson

You’ve giggled together, cried together, supported each other during rants, spent long, lazy afternoons vegging out, but what about the "Bonds of Sweat?" Time to take your friendships to all new levels with a good sweaty workout.

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Our hectic lives can often mean our friendships take a back seat. We quietly regret not connecting with one of our girlfriends that we’d love to see. You know they feel the same way too, so why not bring your friendship closer with a little quality sweat time?

As a Pilates studio owner, I can tell you that the clients who come in together as friends never blow off a class. They all admit they come because they get to see their friend; they just happen to also be huffing away on Reformers, getting their sweat on, chatting a bit, and enjoying each other’s company. Frequently this leads to more friend time afterwards with a quick cup of coffee post-workout or a chance to coordinate schedules and plan a get-together for later in the week.

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How to Do It

Ask your local gal pals if they’d like to work out more. Ask anyone you think might be interested, then start organizing. Maybe you can all sign up for a bootcamp class together? Chances are it won’t be that easy as one friend is available at one time, another friend on a different day. That’s actually great for you! Make two workout times and then you’re guaranteed two workouts a week plus the time with your friends. What could be better?

As your friends see your commitment, they'll also see the benefits, and will more likely try to move schedules around to free up time. Your friends could even reach out to others not in your circle and pay it forward to other women. How cool is that?

Group Exercise Ideas

Bootcamp: embarrassing positions and you'll be drenched in sweat; what could be more fun?

Barre workouts: amazing for the tush!

Yoga: for your stressed out friends who need to unplug.

Weight training at the gym, great for a lot of talking and catching up during rest periods.

Zumba: a fun, zippy class that will have you giggling and feeling like kids again.

Pilates: both soothing and energizing, not to mention a great workout to tone your body.

Team sports: if you’ve got enough friends to create a team, join a league -- anything from basketball to soccer to lacrosse -- and you can be sisters in arms!

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The idea is to find activities that stimulate both you and your friends and help create the bonds we carry with us through life. One of the best benefits of working out with your friends: studies show that we live longer if we surround ourselves with healthy people and lots of loved ones. The "Bonds of Sweat" are real and you’ll find yourself trimmer and happier in no time.

Lisa Johnson has been training clients at her Pilates studio since 1999. She blogs about all things fitness at and is frequently seen hanging out on twitter @LisaJohnson.