The Sounds Of Silence


Photo courtesy of jonycunhas

Do you ever feel like your life happens in themes and patterns? I see that more and more. When a lesson comes up in one place in my life, it repeats itself over and over in other aspects. Recently, the theme seems to be silence and restraint. Life is like music: multi-dimensional and multi-dynamic. It ranges in intensity. Sometimes it gets really loud; sometimes it gets so loud that it's distorted. Sometimes there's silence, and sometimes the silence is uncomfortable or suspenseful. Sometimes we feel the need to fill the silence.

But what happens when we stop and listen to it instead?

Take Al Green's "Let's Stay Together", for instance. What if he just wailed through that whole song? Honestly, I think I'd write a rebuttal called, "Stay Far, Far Away From Me!”, but his intensity is displayed through his quiet passion, and even more, through the space between the words he sings. I'm learning how to translate this in my music and in my life in general. So with that said, I'll make this a short blog entry.

  All my love to you!

XO Devyn Rush


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