10 Rules for Sexting For Politicians

The recent political sex scandals have destroyed the illusion that politicians are bastions of integrity. With news of Arnold Schwarzeneggers love child and now sordid sexting by Congressman Rep. Anthony Weiner’s- this soap opera looks like it's just begun.

What politicians fail to recognize is that every person using any communication tool leaves a digital trail, there is no anonymity- so there are NO secrets. There is no control over digital information once it's sent- so as a person in the public eye...you should know that technology can make your powerless.  The sexy messages that were intended for that page or intern or porn star, can become top news on CNN.

There is no question in my mind that power increases promiscuity. Unless, somehow power dissolves from the political arena( which I highly doubt)- Sex and Politicians will go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam. Actually, this goes for any high level position public position, be it CEO or Spiritual Guru.

To save the poor politicians who still have a clean slate,   I thought I would make a short list of texting rules. Please, if you're in politics, study this closely- it may save you from a scandal like wienergate.

10. Don't use Twitter if You Don't Understand How It Works. DM means direct message. If you don't have someone following you back, you can't DM them, which means EVERYONE will see your weiner picture. If you do know how to use DM, well, then use it well...or you'll definitely mess up like Wiener did by accidentally sending his crotch picture to everyone one of his followers on twitter. Ooops.

9. Don't Sext if you're married. If you want to sext you're wife or husband, sure go ahead, but remember- nothing is guaranteed. If you break up with this person or worse, lose your phone- you have no idea what could happen to those nude pictures you took while you were HOT. As for texting other's while married, sure it's cute to have a crush, even in you're 50 but remember how quick a reputation can be destroyed. These days, Sexting is just as bad as having an affair.

8. Send Yourself a Sext. If you're dying to send a dirty message, send it to yourself. I promise you, the feeling will die and then you'll be glad you didn't release you're sext to the world.

7. Sext the Right Person.If you're a notorious Sexter and Sext more than one person at a time, make sure you're sending it to the right person. More than once, I have received lewd messages not intended for me from embarrassed friends. Funny for me, bad for them.

6. Dont Drink and Text. Drinking while doing anything except for partying is a bad idea. Remember what Shakespeare said "Drink, sir, is a great provoker of three things . . . nose-painting, sleep, and urine. Lechery, sir, it provokes, and unprovokes; it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance. "
William Shakespeare
Macbeth 2. 3

5.Lock Your Phone. Kids and adults alike, like to play with other people's phones. A friend admits to accidentally seeing shocking pictures of her sister after her son started playing with her sister's phone. Phone's have games, pictures and music. Most of the data on a phone is innocent, that picture of you with your junk hanging out, well that may be the one thing make you lock your phone every time it's not in use.

4. Don't Message People You Don't Know. Possibly the dumbest thing that Rep. Wiener did is meet women online and immediately start sexting them. If you don't know the person you are sexting how can you trust them? A digital persona can sometimes feel unreal, almost like there really isn't a person on the other side. It's on the lowest rung of human communication. We can say more salacious things by text than we can by phone or in person. So before you decide to send that porn star that sext, really think about it.No, REALLY. Think about it.

3. Discretion is the only option. If someone sends you a sext, it's usually not a good idea to show everyone. For some of you ladies who may not know this, men love to show the half naked pictures of women they have been with. I was recently backstage at a show for a well known comedian who I have not seen for quite some time. The boys in his crew, who I do not know, showed me spoils from the night before. I felt like the pictures went on and on, as the men showed me nude picture after picture of all the girls they were getting just being associated with my comedian friend. It was really strange and surreal. On the other end, my girlfriends have sent me pictures of their men to get my opinion. While among friends, this is common, know that any sexy pictures you send will probably be water cooler conversation.

2. Erase Regularly. It's always a good idea to delete any old pictures or sexts you may have sitting in your phone or inbox. This is probably one the most important rules, if you are in a trusting relationship, it's a good idea to make sure the recipient also delete's regularly.

And the Number One Rule for Sexting for Politicians.

1. Talk More. Text Less. Keeping your conversations in person or by phone is much sexier   and safer than sexting and will probably keep you out of trouble(unless your a perv in person too). It's highly unlikely that someone will go to the trouble of taping your conversation - but if you send them a nude picture of yourself-well- it's obvious how easy pictures are to share. So, if you're trying to build a real relationship, it's highly unlikely it will happen through sexting or texting- so talk- apparently it's the hottest new thing to do.

Here are a few of the more common sexting acronyms:

GYPO: Get Your Pants Off

IAYM: I Am Your Master

IWSN: I Want Sex Now

K4Y: Kiss For You

LMIRL: Let's Meet In Real Life

MOOS: Member Of The Opposite Sex

MOSS: Member(s) Of The Same Sex

NALOPKT: Not A Lot Of People Know That

S2R: Send To Receive

TDTM: Talk Dirty To Me

WIN: Want It Now

Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/02/16/dos-donts-sexting/#ixzz1OzBu7Ju1

Now go ahead, Sext away...you pervs...