A Wife Can Never Be Wrong… Can She?

When it comes to arguing with my husband I am hardly wrong. Even as I attempt to think of the percentage of the time I am actually in the wrong, I am torn trying to come up with a realistic number. "Hardly wrong" means almost never. Like maybe 3%. And I'm not alone! There's a reputation we women have when it comes to arguments with our spouses or significant others. Maybe it is linked to generations of oppression that we so badly want to eliminate (and have been doing a good job of).

Image courtesy of charlesfettinger

As the years pass by I am learning something. I am not always right. I MIGHT be, and I hesitate as I say this, WRONG sometimes. But what's wrong with being wrong? If we were always right, we would never learn anything. We would never be forcefully humbled. And maybe, our significant others may even despise us. I have only been married 5 years, and it hasn't always been a 'happily married' that I dreamed of. But I can tell you one thing for sure, it gets better and better as the years pass.

Back to being wrong sometimes. Here's a few things I have learned.

1. Break it Up:
Most of the time I think I am right when we are arguing, but when I
allow myself to cool down and think things through with a level head I
realize that either a)I should be more reasonable; or b)we are
fighting about something very meaningless.

2. Making my husband feel like he is wrong all the time may eventually
make him feel negative emotions towards me.

3. Even if I am right, being pushy about my 'right-ness' won't make
him agree with me.

I guess even just writing about this is making me realize that being right or wrong doesn't matter as much as having respect and love for each other. I love my husband and don't mind giving up my self-righteousness once in a while. It's something I think everyone can benefit from.