Casual Rooftop Weddings: Just Say “I Do”

By Guest Contributor, Lizzie Brayden,

Weddings have traditionally been church events. However, in today’s world, that doesn’t always hold true. Many couples are using the freedom of creativity in their wedding planning to include elements of themselves in the celebration and to hold wedding celebrations in more unconventional locations.

A non-traditional option for couples wanting spectacular scenery on their wedding day is to hold the ceremony on a rooftop. The view is unbeatable, and the wedding atmosphere can remain casual. This works extremely well if the bride and groom are very casual people and want a smaller, intimate wedding with a limited guest list.

Rooftops are also not that hard to find. Many businesses whose buildings are desired for wedding ceremonies welcome the invitation to host the wedding on their rooftop. While a rooftop wedding doesn’t mean a free wedding, the cost of holding a small wedding on a scenic rooftop can be considerably less than traditional locations.

Wedding gowns and bridal party attire can be kept traditional or contemporary when rooftop weddings are the flavor of the day. The romantic setting of a beautiful skyline lit with stars and twinkling lights will accommodate any style of wedding. Most of who chooses a rooftop wedding in order to escape the cost and pretense of a traditional wedding. Many times, even decorations are handmade for rooftop weddings.

While the atmosphere is romantic and the backdrop dramatic, the elements of a traditional wedding are not seen. Attire for this wedding stayed with the dressy casual, a choice that makes the bridal gown a perfect dress for other special occasions as they may occur. This is a trend that is becoming popular in order to help shave costs from bridal parties. Purchasing a versatile gown instead of a traditional one can dramatically save the young couple money over time as the gown can be worn to other events.

Receptions following a casual rooftop wedding are in and of themselves casual. A bridal party can plan a simple pizza dinner after the ceremony or choose to enjoy a slightly more upscale activity by serving cocktails and a few snacks.

Casual rooftop weddings allow a couple to begin their life with a stress free gathering of friends and family in a more intimate atmosphere. The possibilities are endless and can be changed on a dime to accommodate every bride and groom. Casual rooftop weddings are romantic and a great way for the bride to share her special day with the world.

About the author: My name is Lizzie Brayden, an editor from No matter how times change, people still love and marry. In my mind, a wedding is the happiest moment in a long life for everyone. I have written hundreds of posts about weddings. I sincerely wish you like this one.