Fifty Shades Of Grey: The Book Everyone Is Talking About

Surely you’ve heard of the book. Libraries have banned it for being too steamy and word around town is every mom is reading it. I found out about it while reading a news app on my phone, after it was banned in yet another library in the United States. I instantly became intrigued.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Kramer Bussel

The book is Fifty Shades of Gray, by E.L. James. I wondered how hot it could really be. I didn’t immediately go out to buy a copy for myself. However, the minute I saw it at the local supermarket, I snatched a copy for myself. Now I have, of course, read many novels in the past, but this one was a little different. I was instantly hooked.

The book is definitely steamy. The couple in it can’t stop having sex with one another - and it’s hot, kinky (but not too kinky) sex. However, more than the sex, I was drawn to the main characters, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, and their relationship. Christian Grey is a powerful, rich, beautiful, but messed up man. Anastasia Steele is a naïve woman. Together, they set off on a journey with which I quickly became obsessed. I have not read a novel in years, but once I started this one, I finished it in three days. I couldn’t put it down. I would stay awake until 3 am reading about their relationship, their fights, their kinkiness, his domineering personality.

I have since spoken to other women about the book and I have yet to meet ONE woman who has not heard of it. Some can’t wait to get their hands on a copy. Others have read it and loved it. Women around the world have cast their ballots and the results are in. We love sex.

Photo of E.L. James, courtesy of Rachel Kramer Bussel

I am most thankful to E.L. James for uniting women in a different way. For a long time,women have been reluctant to discuss anything related to sex. In the past, few women admitted that they liked it, or spoke about what they liked, or how they liked it. Women were afraid to be judged — not by men, but by other women. Afraid to be labeled sluts or whores or easy, women hid their need for sex and in turn repressed themselves. I am thankful to E.L. James for opening up women’s minds to a different type of sex. No, I’m not saying all women will or should become submissives. Anastasia Steele tried to be submissive but it didn’t work for her and it would never work for me. Instead she discovered that she loves sex. Her carnal sexual instinct was awoke and rather than suppressing it, she enjoyed it. I do believe it’s always good to try different things and attempt to venture out of your comfort zone. Perhaps this is why all the moms are reading it. Because they get so caught up in their lives, they forget to have fun with their sex life. From my conversations with other women, it seems as though this book has re-lit the sexual fire within them and they are thoroughly enjoying it.

Sex is a part of life that no one can avoid. It is a beautiful and versatile thing. The discussion around sex has begun and I have a great feeling about it. With the help of this book, the next few months will not only be educational but revolutionary as well. I hope it will have women all around the world discussing sex without worries of being judged.