Freedom Of Female Sexual Expression

It is time to replace the damaged perception, beliefs and patterns around women’s sexuality with that of the Divine Feminine frequency. Divine Feminine energy is the highest expression of feminine energy. A very practical, down to Earth way of looking at the Divine Feminine; it’s the intuitive, compassionate, receptive, wise, spiritually grounded, nurturing woman who is in-tune with who she is and completely comfortable with her sexuality. Every woman has to define what her unique Divine Feminine expression is. There is a higher spiritual meaning and purpose of the Divine Feminine (it’s not just sexuality or sensuality), but that’s for another blog. Female sexuality fuels humanity on so many levels, yet there is a need for women to purge or cleanse our beliefs about who we are and how we choose to express our sensuality and sexuality.

Photo courtesy of  Sabine Mondestin

Photo courtesy of Sabine Mondestin

Humans have a nasty habit of constantly creating boxes and labels for everything. This can be extremely limiting to our freedom of expression. As the Goddess — or Devine Feminine — movement continues each woman will express her femininity and sexual energy in a different way. There is no single right way for this to feel or look. There are as many forms of expression as there are people. What matters most are the intentions, mindset and overall energy behind her actions. Does this expression come from a pure place that reflects your personal authentic expression?
Women are often expected to keep the power of their sexuality and feminine energy hidden. When a woman unleashes her sensuality through speech, art, nudity, sensual dance, etc… she may be immediately shamed, labeled a ‘hoe’ or subjected to negative assumptions about who she is. The judgment on women is often harsh, making it a challenge for women to be in full expression of their essence. Lately, we’ve been calling some of this ‘slut shaming.’

Photo courtesy of  Minke Wagenaar

Photo courtesy of Minke Wagenaar

It is imperative that the negative mindset, tarnished self-image, emotional trauma and self-sabotage that plague many women be healed, purified and replaced with authentic self-love and self-acceptance. Let me be clear that the Divine Feminine is not exclusively about sexual energy and expression, but this is an area I am choosing to focus on because it is very much needed. Over the last hundreds, even thousands of years, women in many parts of the world lost touch with the Divine Feminine aspect of who they are. The Divine Feminine, which I call Goddess Essence, was replaced with shame, guilt and the expectations of men who lacked a connection to their own Divine Masculine energy.
Women often bash other women who stand in their own power and self-acceptance. Can we, as women come together to respect, uplift and support each other regardless of our differences?

Photo courtesy of  stereogab

Photo courtesy of stereogab

We must release the need to judge the way another woman chooses to express who she is and instead focus on allowing and supporting women in expressing their art of sensuality. There is so much power in finding the beauty, growth and art that is being portrayed in her dance, song, words, writing, dress, style, movement and preferences. Before this expression can come from a pure, authentic place many women need to first heal their mind, body, spirit and soul. It is empowering to take an even deeper look at our perception and beliefs about our bodies, how we express our sexuality, what we feel is right or wrong and why we feel this way on a personal level. Self-love and acceptance must be at the core of our sexual and sensual expression.