Gay Marriage Law Passed

Perhaps it's coincidence, perhaps it's fate- but today is The big Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. Yesterday, New York passed the Same-sex marriage   into law after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that was narrowly passed by state. The New York bill cleared the Republican-controlled Senate on a 33-29 voteYes, finally- it's done in NYC- beating San Franciscans at their own game. I'm happy for Same Sex couples, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief- have the same rights as married folks. After all, it's all about rights isn't it?

I am happy to see equal treatment of men and women. I realize we are not made equal- but we all have a right to be treated equally. To have men and women who are treated different because of how they choose to conduct themselves in their personal lives seems silly to me. I don't really care who people sleep with, it's really non of my business. And to be honest most of the committed gay couples I know, are just as boring as the married couples I know. Sorry to burst your bubble but it's true.

In any case, my wish is that   we treat love with respect- no matter where it comes from. After all- isn't it better to be loved than not at all?