How to Protect or Recover Your Relationship from Internet Threats

Do you worry that the Internet is taking a loved one away from your relationship? If so, you are not alone. Experts estimate that electronic infidelity causes up to 25 percent more relationship failures than even five years ago. What might you do to regain his or her love and attention again? Lay aside disbelief, but the answer might be a familiar one.

A loving relationship is not just about the frequency and intensity of those “warm and fuzzy” emotions and sensations. It's about decisions, too. The love you felt and feel is important, but it takes work from both of you to keep a relationship alive and well. Your first step in recovering your relationship is to decide to love through this difficulty, to reaffirm what the two of you share, and to strengthen your case in your partner's eyes and heart–of reminding your loved one why he or she made the commitment to be with you for the rest of your lives.

Re-date your partner or spouse. Dress up, arrive at the front door with flowers, a boutonniere or atoken of love and appreciation. Don't go to a movie but for a stroll along a beach or a boardwalk; enjoy a romantic dinner or a picnic in the park while 'dressed to the nines.' Make a date with your loved one each week and don't skip it.

Take a long weekend away. Even two or three days of doing nothing but paying attention to your partner or spouse can definitely gain attention. Leave behind the laptops and blackberries and pagers. Don't even take an e-book reader. If you used to enjoy reading together while stretched out on the couch, then bring those memories back with real books. Just share the time, space and activity.

Instead of each of you heading off to a different part of the house after the supper dishes are washed, again–share space. If you both bring work home, then work together on independent projects. Ask his advice or see if she'll proofread a proposal for you. Involve each other in more than griping about the boss over the spaghetti and salad. Make a toast to your 'other half' with the glass of wine or the glass of milk.

If you have children together, plan family outings and activities that can bring all of you together again.

Be brutally honest when you look at your own behavior. Is there truly some area of apathy or disregard that may have repelled your significant other? If so, decide to change that, then do so.

There are eleven words that are crucial to relationships, and they should never be forgotten and should never be withheld. They are please, thank you, I'm sorry, I forgive you and I love you.

When you and yours committed yourselves to each other, you may not have thought about adding a line to your vows about chat rooms, email or instant messaging systems, but their impact can devastate a relationship. Don't let them have or keep that kind of power. Decide to love, do what's necessary to love, then let love return.

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