Kiss Among The Chaos

By now, almost everyone has heard of the Vancouver riots after the Stanley Cup Final game on June 15th 2011. The final game, which the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins turned some Canuck fans into angry destructive rioters. Among the chaos of police batons whaling at the crowds there was a woman who was knocked down by a police officers trying to control the crowds. This woman, Canadian Alex Thomas didn't expect to be trampled by the mob scene and threatened by those that were suppose to protect her. To shield her from the potential of any more pain, her Australian boyfriend Scott Jones tried to shield and protect her. Below is an except from an eyewitness, Angela Nicholson, 31, of Coquitlam:

"As Alex fell to the ground, the two riot police raised their batons as if they were going to hit her. When Scott saw this, he threw himself on the ground on top of her (in the hug position) so that Alex would not take the hits. At this time, the riot police still had their batons raised! Alex had one arm wrapped around Scott and the other hand up towards the riot police, palm forward, fingers spread, saying, "Stop!" and "Please!" I could hear her very clearly from where I was. The couple stayed there helpless at the feet of two riot cops for at least 30 seconds (perhaps a little less – when you witness something like that, it feels like forever)."

Scott stayed there, caressing and comforting his hysterical girlfriend. He gave her a kiss as a tender gesture of love.   This beautiful loving moment amidst chaos has now captured all of us who want to see beauty before destruction.

As a Canadian, I am truly sad to see my fellow Canadians act in such a corrosive crushing manner. I wish to see them take that energy and move it a real cause, like poverty or war- to take their passion for the game and propel it to a higher wisdom of helping in some way- be it small or large. After's just a game. Isn't it?