The book of dating for men. A bestseller in the making?

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I want to know which book men are following when it comes to applying the rules of dating. No seriously. What is this book called and where can I buy it? Because I am looking to save myself the confusion and time wasted on trying to figure men out. Based on my experiences, if such a book does exist it would be called "Dating for Winners" and somewhere around the middle there would be a chapter called 'Crap…you're an idiot. Now what?" and it would go something like this:
1) When a woman gives you her number. Wait. Do not call her until day three at minimum. At this point she will wonder if you've fallen off the face of the earth which will make you all the more desirable when you finally decide to pick up the phone. Get ready for her to crumble.
2) If you actually like a woman, make it seem like you could care less. Feelings are for suckers.
3) If she asks you out on a date, say yes. Then, an hour prior tell her that something has come up and you will need to re-schedule. Being busy makes you seem important and women see effective time management as a bad thing. After all, if the relationship works, what purpose will she have if you're able to effectively manage your own schedule?
4) When she sends you a text message, let it sit for a while. Even if you really want to reply, waiting a few hours is recommended. Responding too quickly makes you seem overly interested. This is a bad thing.
5) In conversation, make it seem like you know absolutely nothing about her. Ask her things that make it seem like you haven't spent hours creeping on her Facebook and that you don’t already know that she has four siblings and a dog. Then, when she tells you, act surprised. Saying that you've already taken a peak for a better idea of who she is would be far too honest.
6) Let's face it, chivalry is dead. Even if you take a woman out for $4.25 Gelato always split the bill. Looking like a cheapskate is far better than looking like a complete pushover and footing $4.25. Plus, no one likes a gold digger.
7) If a date ends late and it's dark outside, never walk a woman to her car. Being considerate comes off as overbearing and you wouldn't want her to become expectant of nice gestures in the future.
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Without coming off as a jaded bastard, let's meet half way by saying that some women have their own set of dating tactics. However, from my perspective (being the nice girl that I am), I will say that when I sense that a man is playing games; I become extremely uninterested. Games don’t fool anyone and just to make a point, #6 above is an actual scenario that happened to my girlfriend; can you believe it?
Men: if you like a woman, don't be afraid to be the nice guy. Nice guys don't always finish last.
What's the worst thing that could happen? She takes full advantage of your over-the-top niceness and you lose all dignity? You call the shots on that situation, but please don’t play games. Just be genuine.
There's a book out there called "Why men love bitches" and it's a great read! One of my close friends passes it on to women after they've endured a break up. While the book uses a lot of humour and presents a lot of truths to dating- it's kind of a sad reality that women need act like "bitches" in order for men to want them more (don't kill the messenger, this is what the book says).
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So, let's do a quick summary and see if I understand the equation:
If I'm an inconsiderate "bitch" (sorry, I hate that word) to the men I date + the men I date are too busy playing games in an effort to prove themselves = I shall find the perfect relationship.
Something tells me that this doesn’t add up. I'd rather find someone who compliments the fact that I am willing to keep things simple and avoid the equation altogether.
Any takers?
Take care out there all you fabulous singles!
Xo Jenn