When Good People Find Each Other

I love when good people find each other, whether it is through friendships and social connections, or through groups like Lipstick and Politics. Here I have found a group of strong and intelligent women writing for a common purpose with a mutual respect and desire to partake in meaningful dialect with one another. But particularly, it warms and uplifts my spirit when two good people find each other, recognize that fact, and make a lifelong commitment to one another. A few blogs back I wrote about the Race to the Altar, and how my brother and his fiancée had found each other and overcome certain challenges surrounding their different backgrounds. Well, as of a couple of weeks ago, my brother is a married man and I have a new sister to call my own. These two are genuinely kind, intelligent, and conscientious individuals who have truly found their match in each other’s hearts and souls. Granted, I may have some bias in the praise I bestow on these members of my family, but I assure you I wasn’t the only individual at the wedding who shared this sentiment. I had conversations with many of their extended family and friends about how nice it is to see two people who are right for each other commit to each other so wholeheartedly.

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And this goes for other weddings when I’ve seen two people marry each other to celebrate the simple yet profound fact of their love and commitment to each other. That sounds silly and obvious I know - of course a wedding is a celebration of love and commitment. But I think we all know that this is not the case in every wedding we see. Too often, especially on a global scale, marriage is used as a vehicle for social, political, or bureaucratic change. Or marriage is a step taken because it is the right thing to do, or it’s time to do it, or because the pressure is on because of age or other factors. Please understand, this is not a judgment of the latter reasons for marrying someone, because I respect the obligations and reasons behind the choices that individuals make, and it is not my place to judge a position of which I have little understanding. This is simply an appreciation and awe of the true love that I witnessed a few weeks ago, which I understand to be so rare and so lovely. This is praise of the solidarity and unity between two people that makes each person at their ceremony break down in tears as they reminisce about the journey that has brought their loved ones to these steps. And finally, it is meant to be inspiration for those who are still looking for their mate, and the love of their lives: don’t give up the search lightly, because once found a love like this makes the journey of life much more enjoyable and further inspiring to those around you.

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I know because I have had the privilege of witnessing it around me and being inspired by it myself, and I hope it has helped shape my own search for love and commitment and family. Relationships are rarely easy, and the good ones that are worth it never are, because they have become so good from all the work and dedication that has gone into them. But two people - any two people - who have discovered a piece of themselves in one another and rise to the occasion of marriage for a true and sincere purpose deserve a celebration and congratulations for their special day.

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