When Judgement Clouds Acceptance- What Does It Mean To Be Different?

I've been thinking lately about the ways we go about introducing someone new to our families particularly when romantically involved with that person.   The more I thought about it, the more I began to notice that when physical diversity is present, we take additional steps almost to forewarn our families beforehand.

I've brought this up with a few people of various backgrounds to hear their opinions on this thought. The main question I asked was 'if you were romantically involved with someone from a different background /race or with different physical characteristics than your family's, would you advise them prior to introducing that person?" The general consensus was "yes".

What I found interesting was that people answered "yes" only when romantically involved with the other person, yet they were not so concerned when it came to introducing a new friend. I proceeded to ask them whether they would give their family advance notice if the person's differences weren't physical (such as an internal disease or a hidden disability) and their response was "no".

Why is it that when someone is different or out of our norm that we feel the need to create a cushion to first gauge the reaction of our loved ones before introducing them?   Here's a typical approach to illustrate my point:

"My boyfriend is coming over to meet you. He is in a wheelchair"

"I have a new girlfriend. She is Chinese"

"Steve is coming over. He has 12 piercings on his face"

It's a safety mechanism.   When a certain characteristic doesn’t fit our family’s perception of what normal is, we feel the need to prepare them and at the same time protect them as well as the person that we're introducing.

In the past, I've definitely given my parents a heads-up prior to introducing someone new. To be honest I'm not even sure why I bothered using this buffer seeing as how they're the type of people who could care less. The thing is that I don't think that it was a matter of caring but more so a way of me testing the waters. It's like when someone in a same-sex relationship is introducing their partner to their family; why should they have to tell everyone in advance? Why can't we just skip the warning and feel fully confident in introducing someone new without judgement or fear of negative reaction?

Without getting overly fluffy on everyone, wouldn't it be great to live in a world where we no longer feel the need to indicate differences?