5 Things I Learned From Hillary Clinton


Photo courtesy of U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan

Photo courtesy of U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan

By Christine Horansky  

As the world waits to see if she will take another run at the Presidency in 2016, many across America have already declared themselves "Ready for Hillary."  A modern-day Eleanor Roosevelt,  Hillary  Clinton has inspired more than a few important lessons about life, the world we live in, and the promise of open possibilities.

1. Women Can and Will Be President

What does a President look like? In the 21st century, our politics are evolving to match our realities. And the reality of this country is that  women make up half of the American dream. A nation that can elect its first (two-term!) black President, can -- and will -- elect its first woman President soon.

2. There’s No Such Thing as Losing

When it comes to female leaders, no one looks as Presidential as Hillary Clinton, who in a few short years went from running in a primary to running the world as Secretary of State. The only real losses in life are the gambles not made, the chances not taken. Hillary has made a career of being brave and fearless and is  an inspiration to millions.

3. Some Days Are Scrunchy Days

Running the world can get a little rough and tumble sometimes. And when the going gets tough, the tough put their hair back, chin up, and get their game face on. Because when you are jet-setting to  112 nations  or winning Olympic gold, who cares what your hair looks like? Beauty radiates from strength and heart.

4. It's OK to Be Completely, Unapologetically Awesome

Hillary gives you permission by embracing her own personal brand of awesomeness.  She has given  us a lot of reasons to love her, including her infamous “Hillary is not impressed” expression as she texted world leaders. She gained even more fans by responding to her own adoring  Tumblr meme  and signing off on it as “Hillz.”

5. Women and Girls Are Global Game-Changers

Hillary is not content with shaping the course of American history. As Secretary of State,  she made  uplifting women and girls around the globe  her mission. She has spread the message that women and girls are powerful agents of change – and when women and girls are freer, we are all freer.


crissyChrissy is an award-winning advocate for global education and champion for women and girls, who has been named a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. She works to support the UN Millennium Development Goals to end global poverty by campaigning for universal education and gender equality. She also served as a moderator for the World Bank's Open Forum on Gender and Secretary Hillary Clinton's Women in Public Service colloquium. As Founder of Ivy & Airwaves, she specializes in helping international organizations tap the power of communications to advance global and social impact. Her thought leadership on global affairs has been featured in the Huffington Post, Washington Post and more. Chrissy has a B.A. in International Relations from Mount Holyoke College and a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard University.