An Equal Gender – Why There Is No Such Thing.

I was attracted to the title of the cover of the Economist for the August 11th issue   which was titled, "Asia's Lonely Hearts- Why Asian women are rejecting marriage and what that means" for more reasons an I can get into in this short article. The point that kept leaping off the page was marriage is antiquated, it no longer serves women the way it should especially in countries where men still think women should quit their jobs and stay at home after marriage. This I am saying to you being married. Why? Because marriage- for the most part- was and still is- for the purpose of rearing children and a place for satisfying religious/societal intentions to keep people for unsavory behavior. Most societies have not moved beyond partnerships without marriage...hence most of those who do not see a need for marriage still do it- like myself.   I have a wonderful partnership, but marriage is not important to me as my actual relationship. Yes. Big surprise since it's usually the opposite.

In life, as in marriage, there is often no equality. Although women in western countries enjoy somewhat equal partnerships and division of work, most countries around the world create a list of circumstances that diminish any freedoms women may have enjoyed before marriage. A woman who is educated, has   a job, a life outside of the one her family may provide for her may have to throw away after marriage.   All that she built is gone-   as most men in Asia want a woman who will cater to them and their family needs. The article goes on to talk about one third of women in Japan in 2010 were still single in their 30s. The interesting note here is, only 30 years ago, 2% of the women in most Asian countries were not married. It's obvious that women have changed what they want in marriage, while men have not.

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This coupled with the problem of sex selective abortions -favoring boys for girls has killed over tens of millions female fetuses. The unequal ratio of 118 boys for every 100 girls and 109 boys for every 100 girls in India creates a huge problem of men who have no one to marry. I have read several articles on men marrying women who are still not women, children of adolescent age because there is a fear of not having someone to marry when the woman comes of proper marriage age. Sex Selection is a deep seeded bigger problem in a country where society still cant' seem to grow with the development of a greater culture.

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We are all unequal- by this I mean every single person does not have the same opportunity, wealth, physical attributes ect... but we have every right to be TREATED EQUALLY. When societies start changing their understanding of how important it is for women to be treated well, they will find their social standing stronger. Being treated with the same respect as men and as important as men is not simply a wish, it s need for  women around the world- this so they won't reject partnerships because they echo antiquated systems which deny them basic freedoms.