Can Radio Contests Get Any More Sexist?

I have a bone to pick with AMP Radio, a station here in Calgary whose latest contest is called: "The Breast Summer Ever". The contest is offering a $10000 breast augmentation to the woman who can provide the best reason as to why she is deserving of the grand prize. First off, let's give their creative department a round of applause for using the correct terminology "breast augmentation" in the contest copy rather than "boob job"…well done folks! The final photos will be posted online where the compassionate voters of Calgary will choose the commendable winner.   Sense my sarcasm.

The aspect that I find most ironic about all of this is that hundreds of women will in fact flock to enter this ridiculous contest and what's even more pitiable is that there will be an influx of press around it- lets hear a second round of applause for a selfish yet strategic way to gain listeners and make money. The message that this sends is very tragic to me. The more society keeps showing enthusiasm for these shameful ploys to make money at the expense of women, the more women become objects subject to the idea of plastic perfection.

Another obvious concern that I have is the message conveyed to children. How does a contest such as this one shape the way young boys (and men for that matter) see women? More importantly, how does it impact the way women see themselves?

There are several strong women in my life who've had their breasts augmented for reasons that are personal and it is not up to me or anyone else to judge their decisions.   Breast augmentation is a private decision and I am in no position to explain why women 'need' breast implants; however, I will say that I'm frustrated at how a radio station can use its voice to serve such a pathetic purpose.

I'd be interested to compare the hype surrounding a 'Win $10000 towards your Education' contest. Enough said.

Calgary Herald Story