Correlation Vs. Causation: Some Handy Infographics


Next time you get into an argument on Facebook (please tell me I'm not the only one who does this!) and someone makes a spurious claim linking two things that may or may not be related - show them one of these infographics.    You know the people I'm talking about:

"Brrr...this winter sure is cold. So much for global warming!" Uhh, weather systems and climate change aren't that straight forward, buddy.  

"My nephew got autism right after he got his MMR shot. It's totally related." This has been debunked five ways 'til Sunday, yet the myth prevails.

"Children of single parents don't do as well in school as children of married parents."   Is that because the parents are single or because single parents are also more likely to have less education? Or is there some other reason?  

If stuck dealing with one of these misguided people it may be helpful to stop arguing and just to show them  this  cartoon from xkcd.


How about this hilarious one from Businessweek?


And speaking of Autism....