Don’t Be Fooled By Ivanka Trump

The Trump administration is under scrutiny for Ivanka’s presence at the G20 summit last week, as she was asked to fill in for the president. This caused a controversy because normally this responsibility is reserved for foreign ministers and government officials. Unsurprisingly, she has been criticized for lacking the qualifications needed in order to obtain that privilege, although she is currently serving as a Senior Advisor to the President. Critics have not fallen short in noting that her role as the president’s daughter as well as her previous business ties to The Trump Organization, is a conflict of interest in the president’s administration, raising ethical concerns.

Media correspondents argue that her moderating influence has left a positive mark on the Trump administration, often describing her as her father’s better half, by being able to soften his image and tone. She is very cautious about disclosing her political beliefs, and rarely states an opinion that is not veiled in vague rhetoric. Somehow her political orientations take hold when she manages to credit herself for attempting to sway her father on liberal causes, notably climate change and LGBT rights. However, all of these claims are made by anonymous sources, and not once has she publicly stated her support for these issues.

The few topics she has been vocal on pertain to women in the workforce, specifically regarding family leave and childcare. The problem with this is that President Trump’s proposed healthcare bill, The American Healthcare Act, actively disadvantages women, making many conditions that specifically affect women—like maternity and reproductive care—more costly and less accessible. Ivanka Trump helped draft the family leave plan, although the budget for AHCA proposes major tax breaks for the wealthy, significantly reduces social programs, and is estimated to give low-income families an annual childcare allowance of about $10.

Her stance on women’s issues appears as a sham public relations attempt to hit all of the bases that Trump is missing in his policies, rather than as a genuine pursuit for women’s rights. It is an egregious display of the Trump administration’s artificial attempts to support women, and a laughable effort on behalf of Ivanka Trump.

To call Ivanka Trump an advocate for female empowerment is an insolent claim. Her statements are hollow and an insult to activists in dire situations. It is easy to spit out politically sound jargon in the public eye when it is not specific or does not hold any value. The newly released self-help book, Women Who Work—her latest attempt in promoting her brand as a female-driven powerhouse— was described by the New Yorker as “composed of artless jargon. Ivanka Trump has tried to curate her personal brand as a symbol of female empowerment, but remarkably lacks authenticity that displays accomplishments for women.

Ivanka Trump frequently reminds the public eye of her disinterest in politics, and appears uncomfortable discussing her political opinions. This compromises her duty as Senior Advisor to the President, and blatantly exhibits a lack of responsibility towards her role.

If her supposed intentions in the White House are accurate, then she is failing. President Trump backed out of the Paris climate agreement, healthcare is looking grim for women, and the LGBT community continues to be neglected.

Ivanka Trump plays the part of a calm, collected figure in her father’s administration, but has a distinct agenda of her own—one that clearly does not reflect any interest in the president’s political strategy. Despite whether or not Ivanka Trump fundamentally disagrees with her father, it is clear that her real interests are towards her own personal monetary gain (her brand’s sales are at an all time high in China.)

Ivanka Trump is plastered across the Internet as a benevolent figure in Trump’s administration. Do not be fooled. Consider the president’s track record with immigrants, women, and people of color. He is morally absent, outrageously unapologetic, and a wild egomaniac. Consider Ivanka Trump’s track record with failed marketing attempts and shady business endeavors. She is profit seeking, disingenuous, and self-preserving. Mark her own words:

I’m still my father’s daughter.


By: Nadia Lopez