‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Told Men To Marry 15-year-old Girls. Is That Even Legal?

Fresh off a nine-day suspension for comparing homosexuality to bestiality and gays to terrorists, “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson is in the cultural cross hairs again, this time for a 2009 video where he suggests men should marry girls who…(via  The Christian Science Monitor)

Watch this video below. This guy just gets more absurd and repulsive as time goes on. Not only does he have absolutely  disgusting misogynist  advice   for men but now he's suggesting they become pedophiles. It appears that the younger they are, the easier they are to manipulate. Um. Right. A real man doesn't want a malleable child, he wants a woman who has her own opinion and can match his intellect. It appears, most of the men he is speaking to must have the intellect of a 15year old. My question is for any of you who support him...please tell me why?