Go Out And Vote For America’s Future

lp-work-vote-tmrw-2016-2A popular social media trend on Monday’s is #MotivationMonday. In it, users tweet and post inspirational quotes and words of encouragement to stimulate positivity at the beginning of the work week. It is a call to live in the present and look towards the future with hope, that whatever we do today  has meaning and shapes for a better tomorrow. Our motivation for this Monday is for you to go out and vote tomorrow.

Never has it been more imperative for the American people to decide what kind of country we want to live in. Who you vote for will determine what our world looks like, how we treat those around us, and what we think is important.

Whether we like it or not, people from all over the world look to America as an example and although this year’s election has not been the country’s best moment, this is an exciting time to live in. For the first time in the existence of this country, we could have a female president. Some children will only know what it’s like to have a black president and then possibly a female president, while just over eight years ago, many of us simply dreamed it could be possible. One of the most important points to remember for this election is that this is just the beginning of a better, more equal future for every individual, no matter race, class, gender, faith, and sexuality. It simply takes just your vote to help show that the future you want for yourself and your loved ones is a good one.

For women and ethnic minorities, the right to vote did not come easily. Our ancestors had to fight for that basic right to be heard which allows many of us now to make a choice with one simple vote. In the end, the choice to vote is still up to oneself, but to not vote would dishonor the progress suffragettes and civil rights activists worked so hard to ensure. Not voting would undermine what they thought was most crucial: that every American individual deserves a say. The simple act of omission is to put your vote in the hands of others. To let others decide your fate and your future.

This is election is the people’s momentit is your momentto communicate what you want for your home and your fellow citizens. Take it. Get out and VOTE.

Our country trusts every citizen to uphold our democracy. It is what makes this country great.