Guess What Percentage Of Statements Made By Fox And MSNBC Pundits Are Blatantly False?

Photo courtesy of Brian Michael Tully

Photo courtesy of Brian Michael Tully

The non-partisan website,  PunditFact has released a scorecard that tallies the truthfulness ("truthiness" might be more appropriate here) of statements made by pundits on the cable news networks.   Based on stats from PolitiFact, CNN came out smelling the best with only 18% (that's still a lot, people) of the statements being rated Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire.

Too bad Americans care more about the "tainment" part of "info-tainment" because left-leaning network MSNBC ranked in the middle with a whopping 46% of statements being ranked as untrue.   Not to be outdone, the right-leaning pundits over Fox came blazing into first place with a stupendous 60% of their statements being rated as false.

Raise your hands if you're surprised by this?

Didn't think so.

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