Honoring Women Veterans: What You Can Do To Help

Photo courtesy of ExpertInfantry

It’s been a big year for women in the military. In January a military advisory commission recommended to the Pentagon that they clear the way for women to officially serve in combat positions. And it only took 233 years after “Molly Pitcher” took her husband’s place at his cannon in the American Revolution.

Now, as the US draws down it’s forces in Iraq, there will be more women veterans coming home. Here are some ways you can thank these women (and their male colleagues) for their service.

Hire a woman veteran:
There are a lot of sources that will help employers find qualified veterans. For instance, Google is building the Veterans Job Bank.

Photo of the Vietnam Women's Memorial by jblyberg

Support mental health care: We all need to learn to recognize, but not stigmatize, mental health issues in our veterans. If you know someone that needs help, there are resources for her. There are also private, non-profit organizations that work with veterans to resolve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health challenges. One example in the Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington D.C.

Talk to your representatives: Make sure our elected officials know that we’re watching and we expect them to enact policies that support our veterans - especially women.

Photo Courtesy of Leader Nancy Pelosi

Say “Thank You”: Take the time to thank a veteran this weekend. Especially the women.

For further reading about the needs of women veterans, please visit these sites:
Women Veterans of America