India Erupts Over Gang Rape On Delhi Bus

The recent gang rape and savage beating of a 23-year-old medical student in Delhi has captivated and enraged ordinary Indians.   Men and women of all ages and religions are taking to the streets to demand that their leaders make immediate changes to protect women and punish perpetrators.  As a recently arrived ex-pat I have no place telling Indians how they should run their country, but violence against women is an international issue.   It knows no borders, it respects no religion and is not limited to any age group.  Any of us could be a victim.

I'm fascinated and heartened by the reaction to this story.   The crime is horrifying, but it has become a catalyst for change. Indians are criticizing the police who are said to blame or shame victims, they are asking why politicians haven't done more to pass effective legislation and they are examining the  tendency of families to discourage victims from reporting sexual assaults. India is an emerging economy with an emerging sense of women's rights. I'm encouraged by the nationwide outcry because this country is increasingly important on the world stage. The people of the world's second most populous nation (and largest democracy) are mad as hell - and that's a good thing.