It’s Not about Left Vs. Right; It’s About Wrong Vs. Right

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Recently, Larry Flynt’s “Hustler” magazine ran a graphic picture of conservative commentator S.E. Cupp. Under the headline “Celebrity Fantasy,” the magazine asks, “What would S.E. Cupp look like with a [d**k] in her mouth?” Below the tagline, the magazine’s narrative continued, calling her a “lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school” and noting that “her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.” A disclaimer follows: “No such picture of S.E. Cupp actually exists. This composite fantasy is altered from the original for our imagination, does not depict reality, and is not to be taken seriously for any purpose.”

As Glenn Beck said, when Cupp was on his radio show, this photo is something people will be able to pull up on their computers in perpetuity, which would be bad enough if it were a private picture of Ms. Cupp that somehow went public, like so many celebrity sex tapes. However this is even worse because people will be looking at a photo of something that never even happened. As Cupp herself said, “Knowing this photo will be out there forever… My children will see it when I have them one day. It's sad. I'm sad."

In an interview Cupp did two weeks ago –which appears below–she says that in a way she appreciates Hustler being transparent enough to state why they chose to post this picture demeaning her. During the interview, Cupp noted, “There is an accompanying sidebar to this story and why they did this to me. And in that paragraph they say it’s because she’s lovely, she’s smart, she’s fine, but she happens to be a crazy conservative, she’s pro-life, and wants to defund Planned Parenthood. And for that she deserves a phallus in her mouth. That is essentially what they’re saying and I have to commend that as being incredibly honest. There are people in the media who perform this kind of misogyny on women like me who cannot be that honest…to say ‘I disagree with you politically so I feel like you deserve this kind of treatment’... I wish that the media entities that perform this kind of misogyny would just come out and do what Hustler did instead of just beating around the bush and pretending to be fair, pretending to be above that.”

The interview:



This tasteless, hateful incident has given me many points to ponder:

- Larry Flynt responded to public opposition by calling the picture satire, the same term used by Bill Maher to justify calling Sarah Palin the ‘c’ word. Yet when conservative commentators make remarks about women on the left, they are considered misogynists? Hypocrisy much? Let’s just call it ALL unacceptable.

-Merely calling a woman a slut is unconscionable, but actually fabricating a picture depicting a woman with a random penis in her mouth is not?   Wait, what? Other than Roseanne Barr, who would think this is ok?




-When a radio host called one woman a slut, the President of the United States personally called to offer an apology. A media/publishing magnate photoshops a woman with a penis in her mouth and how does the President react? *crickets*

-If women are encouraged to stand up for themselves, if the rallying cry is “my body, my choice”, then shouldn’t ALL women have the choice whether or not to have their body posted on the internet with pornographic editing?

-How would the media and the White House have responded had a magazine posted a picture of First Lady Michelle Obama in a fabricated sexual situation? Does anyone think they would have let it go by unnoticed? As Cupp herself stated, “You have to wonder if they had done this to someone like Nancy Pelosi or Michelle Obama, would that stand, would no one make a stink about it? I have to think they would”.

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Many women have already spoken out against Hustler’s malicious, fictitious image of Cupp. Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck of The View described the incident as horrifying, offensive, and disgusting. Sandra Fluke–the woman at the center of the Limbaugh ‘slut’ firestorm–has publicly supported Cupp and encouraged others to do the same. I couldn’t agree more. Women need to back up other women and defend them when they are demeaned and denigrated. It’s not about who’s left and who’s right; it’s about what’s wrong and what’s right.