Jon Stewart Went Beyond Fake News Reporting

And that's it. Hours ago, a sixteen year era came to an conclusion and Jon Stewart hosted the Daily Show for the last time on Comedy Central. Whether or not you watched the Daily Show during that time, Stewart's fake-yet-real news reporting was widely enjoyed and highly acclaimed. During his run, he became a staple in TV political satire and exercised such deft and honest mockery upon the ridiculousness in politics that, for some, the Daily Show was more of   major news outlet rather than a late-night comedy show. And although the Daily Show will feature a new host, late-night television will most definitely lack the ferocity, well-timed and reasonable incredulity, and sincere insight that Stewart delivered every night.

In recent years, Stewart was a staunch supporter of women's rights in regards to...well, almost everything. From reproductive rights to equal pay to campus rape culture to women in combat to straight-up sexism, Stewart reported on all those and more, trying to make sense of the opposition's argument to these matters and ultimately tackling them down with wit and reason. Hilarity ensued and, more importantly, the exposure the inequality that women face became clear. Surrounded by intelligent and hilarious female fake news correspondents, like Jessica Williams, Kristen Schaal, and Samantha Bee, Stewart spoke to and for women when everything seemed to be against them.

Jon Stewart was a champ. Below is one of his great segments.