Placing Blame on Women-Again.

“The Economist reports this week falling fertility rates around the world spell doom for many countries as the single life appeals to more women than replacing themselves through children.” — Yahoo News

Okay, so where do I begin?   Women are now accused of being the reason that Canada is going to no longer have a female (and eventually any human) population.   First, many studies show that the world is overpopulated and will continue to be populated so extensively that food production will not be able to keep up with demand.   But let’s even give this article the benefit of the doubt on their statistics and assumption that the last female really will be born in Canada in the year 4400.   Why is women’s desire for the “single life” the only reason stated?

This statement discounts the role of any males whatsoever.   Has there been research done to prove that women are the only ones that do not want babies?   It is possible that there are men in couples that strongly do not want children as well.   Either way, many men and women these days are choosing and living lifestyles that are really not conducive to having children and that do not conform to family lifestyles.   Couples make such choices together, and women should not be solely blamed or credited for them. In addition, many women are likely to be hesitant to have children because very often they bear too high of the burden of taking care of them and doing the housework.   It is not unrealistic to expect that they do not want to (and should not have to) give up their personal lives to take care of kids.   So it is possible that women desiring “the single life” is really not the issue.   Maybe women want a family, but just want to share responsibilities equally with a spouse.   I don’t mean “equally” the way that men often help women with “female responsibilities” of housework and taking care of the kids.   I mean a true sharing of those responsibilities, where women are not the ones expected to give up their careers and social lives because there is just too much housework and childrearing to get done, and where the onus is really on both individuals equally.

The article cites another article (without referencing this point) that explains how Asian women are marrying less because of the heavy burden of housework and child and elderly care that is placed on them.   I am sure that this is the case for women in countries all over the world.

Another point this article does not address is how we are losing so much of the female population (which translates to the total population long-term) to female foeticide and infanticide!   Female foeticide is sex-selective abortions of females.   Female infanticide is the killing of female babies after they are already born.   Individuals all around the world are getting tests done to determine the sex of their baby, and then aborting the female fetuses.   Some in rural villages who do not have access to this technology, will kill their female babies after they are born (this method, however, is being vastly replaced by foeticide).     While the reasons for such actions are wide and varied, this may be a more pertinent issue, or cause for a decline in birth rates, to discuss.

I am perplexed as to how many people blame women when anything goes wrong.   What about male responsibility?   It takes two to have a baby.   It also takes two in a couple to agree not to have a baby.   Maybe we should be more concerned about understanding the reasons behind such decisions and addressing the issues that both men and women face in marriage and raising children (issues that make them hesitant to pursue that path), instead of citing examples of women enjoying the single life.