The Political Game

The intent of this blog is not to bash anyone’s beliefs, but simply to provide food for thought.   For so long I have held a very different view of the government, presidential elections and political issues in general.   After watching the repetitive show that happens every four years and observing the results of each president’s term with an open mind, considering all that has happened I see no real change based on who is voted into office.   By 'real change' I mean changes that can truly help people to live better lives beyond the basics that tax cuts, a college degree or government assistance can provide, for example.   The way our system currently runs it does not empower people to take control of their lives and create the world they want to live in.   On top of that, so much is hidden from us and we have little say in matters that have a major impact on our health, future and overall well-being.

Photo courtesy of BeckyF

After many years of careful consideration I see the presidential elections as one big game where the winning party is never really determined by the people.   I often wonder what will happen once people accept that in the current state of our system their vote truly does not count.   It is the banks and other structures behind the scenes that determine who gets into office and honestly, the fate of this country.   Now, of course all of this could change as the people really do hold more power. If only we would realize that first, we are being deceived on a massive level and we can create a better world for ourselves.

Then I wonder, is it already too late?   This game of deception has gone on so long and we are so deep in the hole I wonder how we will dig ourselves out without a full collapse of the system, which seems to be the direction in which we are headed.   The answer does not lie in hoping the government will change if only we get the right President in office.   Looking for the government's support or salvation clearly has not worked in the past.   Going against the grain has many possibilities, some of which may not be pleasant at first, but what is the benefit in doing the exact same thing year after year and expecting different results?

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In my eyes, the solution lies in fearlessly taking a brand new approach.   We have to take 100% full responsibility for our lives and stop feeding energy to a system that does not support us in a way that is for the highest good of our nation’s people.   Of course, there is no one approach with a guaranteed outcome that everyone will be 100% happy with, but I have faith in the power of humanity to create a better world for ourselves.   We don’t all have to want the exact same things, but we can begin to think outside of the box, leave the fear at the door and be courageous enough to take a stand for true freedom. Continuing to look outside of ourselves for the answers is useless once we realize that we have the power, knowledge, wisdom and strength within each of us.

We look to the presidential candidates with eyes of hope, wishing that this one will be the one to truly make a change.   We blame the presidents of the past for the “mess” we are in.   We keep believing that if we give "President So and So" more time he will fix the problems.   We maintain hope in a system that has never really served us well.     We buy into what is told to us, never doing the research or questioning what is really behind the presentations we see.     The veils are getting thinner and truth is being exposed at a faster rate than before.   At some point I believe either humanity will have to make crucial choices or our fate will be decided for us.