30 Thoughts During The Final Presidential Debate

If there’s one thing for certain about this presidential election is that many want Election Day to come sooner. The past three debates have been, to say the least, eye-opening and exhausting. They were fantastic opportunities to see how each candidate hold themselves and how each demonstrates what kind of leaders they would be if either became president. But receiving these insights did not come easy. Viewers became witnesses to blatant and irreverent behavior from the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and such behavior continued in the final debate. Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, proved her debate and leadership chops consistently and the third debate was her best performance. Here are thirty thoughts and tweets we had during the debate.


  1. One more debate. Let’s do this. We can make it through one more.
  2. No handshake for this debate! Apparently, it was made official because it didn’t happen in the second debate. #awkward
  3. "The Supreme Court should represent all of us." @HillaryClinton #debatenight
  4. How many times can Trump say "very" and "so" in one succession? Many, many, many times apparently. #debatenight #debate
  5. So far, no interruptions. And #ChrisWallace is moderating evenly.
  6. There it is: the topic of abortion in the presidential debate! Finally. #debatenight
  7. Clinton is clearly more empathetic. Her response about late-term abortion is one to remember.
  8. Trump, however, doesn’t seem to understand what abortion is. Abortion, on the day of birth, isn’t an abortion.
  9. Only one of these candidates are thinking of the mother. Hinthint, it’s Hillary Clinton.
  10. So Trump is still for the wall because we have "bad hombres" in the country. #debatenight #debate
  11. Trump has used undocumented workers to build Trump Tower.
  12. Trump keep using "bigly" and it's very, very distracting.#debate #debatenight
  13. Oh god. It's getting tense now. #debate
  14. Here comes the interruptions! It’s going to get ugly now.
  15. Trump is saying that he's not Putin's best friend, but Trump is certainly Putin's biggest fan. #debate #debatenight
  16. Wow. The classic and childish “No, you’re the (insert insult here)” moment by Trump. This isn’t elementary recess, Trump.
  17. Chris Wallace is right: we have gone away from immigration and that is unfortunate. #debatenight #debate
  18. WHAT?! Is Trump seriously going back to international matters? #DebateHeadache
  19. "One of the ways to dealing with the debt is making an investment in people." @HillaryClinton #debate #debatenight
  20. "My turn." Trump, seriously, you have interrupted so many times when it was @HillaryClinton's turn. #debatenight #debate
  21. Also, did Trump even really talk about his economic plan? #ImWithHer #debatenight #debate
  22. "America is great because America is good." @HillaryClinton #debatenight #debate
  23. Clinton has a sleezy campaign? Trump, have you looked in the mirror and looked at your own campaign? #debatenight #debate
  24. TL;DR Trump isn't going to accept loss (this is actually terrifying).  #debatenight #debate
  25. "He is talking down our democracy and I am appalled." @HillaryClinton #debate #debatenight
  26. "You are the most dangerous person to run for president in the modern history of America." Words courtesy of Bernie Sanders.  #debate #debatenight
  27. Trump doesn't really seem like a fan of America. #debate #debatenight
  28. "We need to invest in families." @HillaryClinton #debate #debatenight
  29. TRUMP, #ChrisWallace said "no!" Trump isn't respecting the moderator either. #DebateHeadache #debate
  30. The insult of the night to remember: Nasty woman. Trump, it’s the “woman card” situation all over again. People will use this to empower themselves and Hillary Clinton. And Clinton has this election in the bag.