30 Thoughts During The First Presidential Debate

It is no surprise that the first presidential debate between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the most watched in history. There is a reason this election has earned an infamous reputation, luring in the attention of voters and nonvoters alike. It has been a rollercoaster, a spiraling whirlwind of scandalous discord. Some may find it unsettling, the dynamic of this shit show. Others find it refreshing to be a part of a new scene that has outshined the former allure of political apathy.

I, being torn between these feelings, knew the debate would be one hell of a ride. So, as a first time voter belonging to the millennial generation, I felt it was imperative that I tune into this spectacle. The wine I paired this debate with proved to be pretty damn helpful in the synthesis of my observations. So here are 50 thoughts I had while watching the debate.

  1. I am the least bit surprised that this is supposed to be the most watched debate in history
  2. Looks like they both had the same idea with color play. Hillary is head to toe in red and Donald is wearing a blue tie. This is obviously intentional although I’m not sure what the intention is.
  3. Are the topics always this broad?!
  4. Clinton is normalizing herself to the middle class by talking about her dad’s job. She was totally that public school kid who would call out the private school kids for being spoiled.
  5. Trump was that private school kid who would get embarrassed and say “My dad got my BMW from a used dealership, I swear!”
  6. They are both starting out with some decent points for clean energy.
  7. Donald Trump has really chilled out with the facial expressions, but it’s so hard for him to resist making a nasty face. The veins in his forehead may or may not explode.
  8. They are acting like siblings arguing in the back of a car on a road trip
  9. She just brought up fact checking! Hillary’s website is a fact checker! She doesn’t play!
  10. Trump is doing the classic three politician moves, the finger point, the fist, the “ok” hand.
  11. Clinton’s using her hands politically too, in a more involving, calmer manner. She should be named “chill-ary”
  12. I feel kind of bad for Lester. He barely gets a second to talk, let alone finish his question without someone jumping in.
  13. “It’s almost a way of life. I get audited by the IRS,” Trump.. haha dude that’s not like a normal thing
  14. Ooohh Trump just told Hillary he will release his audits when she releases her e-mails. Back at it again with the high school drama tactics! Apparently two wrongs make a right?
  15. NAFTA has been brought up multiple times. It's like that embarrassing picture of you that went around years ago and keeps resurfacing.
  16. There needs to be a Yik Yak for politicians and journalists so they can expose the juicy info.
  17. Infrastructure needs a makeover and they can’t deny it!
  18. OMG! I NEVER KNEW! Trump is a businessman. He does business. He wants to make sure we know this!
  19. I am watching a reality television show. They should stream this on E Or MTV! Who knew a presidential debate would become a guilty pleasure?!
  20. Now we’re talking race. Hillary wants to restore trust in police and make sure police are well prepared. But how?! Trump says she’s ignoring the importance of law and order. But what is the solution? Tell me something I don’t know guys.
  21. Why is this whole thing based on ideology? I haven’t heard one concrete thing! Next thing we know, they’ll respond to a question about security with “to be or not to be, that is the question.”
  22. Trump says there needs to be more law and order in the inner cities because African Americans and Hispanics are being affected the most. He really, really cares about these races because he invited a black person to his birthday party in second grade!!!
  23. The idea that “law and order” will stop gang violence in inner cities is just as delusional as a “say no to drugs” pamphlet actually preventing drug use.
  24. OMG they agreed on something. They want to improve the relationship between police and citizens! Finally someone said it! These two must be geniuses to think of such an innovative solution! Who knew?!
  25. Hillary brought up Obama positively and Trump responded saying she treated him disrespectfully. I bet Obama is shaking his head. This is like the classic three way phone call attack, total Mean Girls move.
  26. American diplomacy is a mixture of democracy and hypocrisy.
  27. Haha Donald Trump acts like Hillary has a responsibility to single handedly save the world. She sure knows how to fire back with a snarky comment.
  28. He’s staring into her soul and she refuses to blink in his direction.
  29. The constitution is projected on the wall behind them. Our founding fathers are perplexed from their graves.
  30. “Life, hyperbole, and the pursuit of tackiness”