One Woman’s Reaction To Being Told She Looks “Disgusting”

Take a look at this powerful video, created by beauty vlogger Em Ford of My Pale Skin. In it, Ford shows herself with makeup and without, revealing her adult acne. The video includes real - and often vicious - comments left by viewers about her appearance. Many of the compliments praise her appearance in images and videos in which she is wearing makeup. But those who commented on her makeup-free face were not as kind, saying she looked "disgusting" and accusing her of being dishonest about how she really looks.

It once again highlights how unrealistic our culture's standards of beauty really are, and also demonstrates the fact that, by and large, it is still seen as acceptable to pass judgement on a woman based on her appearance. A woman's physical presence is seen as an acceptable topic for public comment. But of course the hope is that, with more and more videos like this one going viral, the sentiment around women and beauty will begin to change.