“Preserving Scientific Data in the Age of Trump” With Lindsey Dillon

Ars Technica is an online publication dedicated to reporting on the technology industry and its advancement. Once a month they host Ars Technica Live, a live event with a keynote speaker, that discusses relevant topics affecting the tech community.

This past week at Ars Technica Live, they featured Lindsey Dillon, a professor at UC Santa Cruz involved with the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative—a data rescue project ran by a team of academics in the scientific community interested in preserving academic data and maintaining its access to the public. The main topics discussed included fighting against silencing the scientific community, legislation that would affect access to scientific data, and the changing role of the EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) under the Trump Administration.

The event also features a Q&A with audience members and touches on one of Dillon’s most passionate topics: environmental racism. The conversation was not only interesting and relevant to Bay Area politics, but also raises concerns about Trump and the effects that his policies have on the scientific community. Check out the interview below: