The Importance Of Educational Leadership

In order for women and girls to reach their full potential, they need passionate leaders to believe in them from a young age. Here is the story of a few inspiring teachers who are helping low income youth to fulfill their full intelligence:

Too often, students of color and students who face challenging circumstances don't receive the support and encouragement they need to succeed. They are held to lower standards because of a Belief Gap between what society believes they can achieve and what they are truly capable of when we believe in them.

Like Kim Wilborn, not all students will be able to find the support and encouragement they need within their homes. Children without ideal conditions at home still have the ability to reach their full potential. Kim was able to take the initiative with her own education after she received additional support from adults. Kim's aunt realized that her niece wasn't reaching her full potential and was able to arrange for her transfer to a different school. The teachers at Perspectives Charter School showed amazing leadership which Kim was able to mirror and apply to taking control of her own education.

Kim now has a 4.0 GPA. This a complete change from when she was a student that never did homework. She gives credit to her teachers for always believing in her, even when she didn't have the power to believe in herself. They never let her give up and have set high expectations for her. There's so much to look forward to in the future. Kim would like to attend college and then operate a safe house for runaway teens. This is the power of educational leadership. All students have the ability to achieve, there just has to be someone who believes in them and the importance education.