Women In Combat: Samantha Bee Vs. Stodgy Old Guys (Video)

As the pentagon moves towards women serving in combat positions -- or rather OFFICIALLY serving in combat positions -- there remain a few naysayers (cavemen) out there. Their arguments are fairly weak at this point since women have been serving in de facto combat roles for the last ten years. Unit cohesion (or 'Brohesion' in the words of Samantha Bee) isn't much of an argument when the ladies are already working with the men (see the excellent documentary Lioness for more on the topic). Arguments about fitness and strength are silly because, while men may be larger and stronger on average, there will be tall, strong women who can qualify for infantry and sniper units. Perhaps not as many women as men, but why not base qualification on skills and capability rather than gender? As a young girl I was deeply disappointed when I was told that I ¬†couldn't ¬†grow up to fly the same planes and Maverick and Goose. Since that time, a handful of women have become fighter pilots, but they are still barred from other combat roles. For now.

I'm 13 and I'd really like to be a test pilot, but it's the '80s and I've been told my lady parts disqualify me. So, let me tell you about Space Camp.


Whatever flimsy arguments are left have been eviscerated in this hilarious and cutting "report" by Samantha Bee of The Daily Show. My favorite parts? Getting the conservative, older man to say "hit that" in the pejorative sense, asking the female Marine officer if she's on her period and the reference to An Officer and a Gentleman. Watch.....