Reggae Music

I don’t know about you guys but I always seem to go through stages of listening to certain kinds of music, though old rock music is my muse, I have definitely had my moments with indie, hardcore, classical, etc. I think it stems from finding a really good band in a certain genre and then I just feed off of that.


I have always been a fan of reggae music and the sounds of Jamaican music. From the steel drums , to the horns to the amazing skank off-beats. I have found a handful of “reggae” musicians that I like that are not actually from Jamaica, I feel like this kind of music has always carried a certain underlying message and a lot of “reggae” bands do not emulate this.

The Great Bob Marley

The Great Bob Marley

However, I have found a few bands that I think are really carrying this fresh “new” voice for reggae that even the great Bob Marley would be proud of.   A band I am really into at the moment is SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army) from Arlington, Virginia. They have nine albums thus far and are really making a name for themselves. The lead singers voice really makes you feel his words and they can play the music to back it up. If you are interested in a new band to add to your playlist check out and download “I Don’t Wanna Wait” — definitely a great song!



Another fantastic band is Rebelution who hail from Santa Barbara, California. I would classify them more as a reggae/rock band. Rebelution has more of a rock undertone but with the skank beats of Jamaican music. You can find their music at and download “On My Mind” the singer’s voice is incredible!



  Other  reggae  artists include:

Bob Marley

Steel Pulse

Ziggy Marley

Buju Banton



Peter Tosh

Slightly Stoopid

The Wailers

Damian Marley

The Expendables


One Love,