Halloween Clean Eating

A parent who prohibits their children from trick-or-treating for fear that they will consume too much sugar may inevitably land themselves on the “bad parent” list rather quickly; it’s pretty fair to say that boycotting Halloween would not be an acceptable solution to the sugar mayhem in the eyes of little trick-or-treaters. Having said this though, I do feel that concerned parents who don’t want their kids going on sugar overdrive should have room to intervene here and there when it comes to restricting the amount of consumed.

Photo credit: Goop.com

A suggestion for negotiating without looking like the “witch who stole Halloween” might be: Make a deal with your kids beforehand that half of the candy from trick or treating either gets donated or frozen in the freezer (code for: slowly thrown in the trash can). Or present them with some healthy homemade treat options to pique their interest. This can be a sneaky way to steer them off the sugary road to obesity, bad eating habits, cavities and gut rot or it could also be an opportunity to educate them by showing them other (and equally awesome) alternatives.

Here are some fun, appealing Halloween treats that I’ve gathered from some of my favorite healthy food sites which are free of refined sugar and can be used to slowly phase out the pounds of candy that your kids will gather from trick-or-treating. And whether you share with your kids that these irresistible treats are actually better for their health is totally up to you. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Cara's Cravings

From Cara’s Cravings:

Pumpkin Caramel Cupcakes


From Healthful Pursuit:

No bake pumpkin tarts

Macaroon Monster Eyeballs

Frozen Boo-nana pops

Caramel Popcorn Ant Hills

Photo credit: Goop.com

From GOOP:

Cookie Dough Bites

Strawberry Fruit Leather

Chocolate Rice Crisp-wee Treats

From Oh She Glows:

Halloween Apple Bites

Homemade Rolo Knockoffs

Homemade Kit Kat bars