The Latest in Ice Cream Cones!

OK, I admit it. I've become somewhat of an Ice-Cream fanatic in the last two years. I've sampled, judged, tasted and desired all of the yummiest, craziest Ice-Cream flavors- wishing and praying it was all calorie free. I've marveled at the deception of skinny 'fudgesicle", and the supposed nutrition factor. Oh yeah, forget the sugar, think of the milk- the protein. Right. Of course. I'm focusing on the protein.

Now, I can't say I gave much thought to what holds the Ice-Cream - as long as there was a spoon that could easily transport the  scrumptious little morsels  into my mouth, I was happy. I forgot about the cone, the dipped in chocolate, layered with peanuts and a thousand more calories of goodness. Yes, I forgot about that -until just recently. I was browsing through some of my favorite blog sites as I usually do and low and behold, a whole new world was waiting. Ice-Cream cones have been given a new life, a life of their own. No longer just a holder of Ice-Cream.

I had to do more research, there had to be more out there that I didn't know about. And yes, unequivocally, absolutely- without a doubt, THERE IS MORE. Sure, you may argue with me and say, "more ways to get fat"? Sure, I'll agree. "More ways to get fat'. But so what, we have this one little life. One silly little day of Ice-Cream Cones that hold the yummiest of Ice-Cream wouldn't hurt. Now would it???

So go ahead, try this fancy dancy Ice-Cream dream holder.

Well, now I have truly seen it all. Not only do my clothes have to be designer but my Ice-Cream and the Ice Cream cone just better be brand name. Chanel anyone??

I always wondered why my Ice-Cream cones had to be drab and boring. Thank God someone was thinking. We need more interesting colors to match mood, nails, personality. You know- the important things we so often forget about.

I found a great little recipe on how to make the latest craze of Ice-Cream cone cupcakes. These are so fun and easy that I can't wait to make them for all of the kids in my life. In fact, this really makes me want to have all the kids I know that belong to friends and family and have an Ice-Cream cone cupcake party. Ok, that may be highly exaggerated but it started out like a fun and happy thought.

You will need these ingredients to venture beyond what the cone used to do- according to Made in Melissa's Kitchen.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

  • 1 box cake mix, prepared according to directions on the box
  • 1 box of ice cream cones (24)
  • Buttercream Frosting (4-5 cups, depending on how you decorate them, I used 1.5 batches of  this recipe)
  • Sprinkles or other toppings

I implore you, this weekend- don't be boring with your Ice-Cream- explore. Get out there. Know that there is more waiting for you. It's not just an Ice-Cream holder anymore. It's a magical yummy transportation to that day you were 5 and your parents let you go crazy with the Ice-Cream. They let you have the sprinkles, the chocolate, the extra scoops, the absolute goodness that felt like God had personally kissed you on the cheek and blessed you.

Yes, Make it THAT day.

Have a Happy Weekend. xo