Emma Watson on Gender Equality

Take a look at Emma Watson's speech on behalf of the U.N.'s He for She campaign, an initiative geared at bringing more men and boys into the fight for gender equality. It's a powerful speech, in which she discusses the fact that the word "feminism" has come to take on the negative connotations, like the idea that feminists are aggressive, anti-male, and even unattractive. By contrast, Watson explains that the word is really about promoting equal opportunity.

In addition, she suggests that feminism isn't only a women's issue--it impacts men, as well. Gender stereotypes, she says, hold men back as well as women. They downplay the importance of a man's role as a parent and make men feel as if they can's express their emotions. The speech is thoughtful, heartfelt and genuine, and gives us another reason to love Emma Watson. Enjoy!