Pre-Existing Conditions For Women Under The American Healthcare Act

November 2016’s election outcome resulted with an administration that has made women across America clench their uteruses in fear. The administration has actively worked towards legislation that aims to severely cut funding to programs designated to help women gain and maintain access to reproductive healthcare. In fact, The American Healthcare Act set to repeal Obama’s Affordable Care Act, is believed to leave an estimated 23 million more Americans uninsured. For women, the new bill holds extra weight, making it difficult and costly to obtain healthcare under the lengthy list of preexisting conditions. Specifically, this means that insurance companies can deny women coverage and that states can allow these insurers to charge them higher premium rates for these conditions on the individual market.

The infographic below demonstrates which conditions specifically apply to women, and also includes a more detailed list into other conditions that can affect women’s access to healthcare if the bill becomes law.