The Disturbing Tweets About Chris Brown


Photo courtesy of Focka

Have you ever read something in the paper, online or in a magazine that outrages you to the point where for a few seconds all you can think are negative and sometimes irrational thoughts? I have these moments quite frequently, especially when it comes to issues which pertain to women. My feelings of anger are usually followed by an ‘are you kidding me?’ moment, followed by a quick head shake and then I take the time to read the article fully, collect my thoughts….breathe in, breathe out.

Sometimes, the only thing that helps me from getting emotional over stories which display injustices towards women around the world is hope in itself. Hope that the more we speak out to such outrageous bullshit discrimination, the more we are creating a united force of people who are working towards getting women and men on the same page.

And then… my positive ‘with time, we can do this!’ outlook, I come across something like this:

25 Extremely Upsetting Reactions To Chris Brown At The Grammys

It’s terrible of me to say this, but seeing posts such as these which glorify domestic violence makes me think to myself that sometimes it’s no wonder we (women) are where we are in today’s world. How on earth can we get men to treat us equally if we can’t even get women to stand by one another?