This Organization Reaffirms The Feminism Definition

Ms. Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that's "building a women's collective power for social, economic, and reproductive justice," has started an online campaign under the hashtag #MyFeminismIs. Participants of the campaign unite under the simple and inclusive definition of feminism: Feminism is the political, social, and economic equality of ALL genders. This broad definition is an umbrella--an opportunity for people of all races, sexualities, and genders to describe what their feminism is but acknowledge that everyone who supports feminism is fighting for equality. Other than being a positive reinforcement of feminism as a betterment of our society, this campaign is essentially attempting to expand the definition to include intersectional feminism. An Asian woman certainly has different experiences that inform her feminism compared to the experiences that inform a mixed race transmale's feminism. The #MyFeminismIs campaign wants to honor all those experiences and emphasize that equality, in the political, social, and economic aspects of all lives, is what each one of us is striving for. We are all feminists.

Check out Ms. Foundation and the #MyFeminismIs homepage here!